New Zealand Sculpture ON Shore III raises money for Woman’s Refuge

Artist, Joe Kemp's sculptural piece 'Matau A Maui'.Photo by Howard Williams.

Artist, Joe Kemp’s sculptural piece ‘Matau A Maui’. Photo by Howard Williams. Photo sourced from New Zealand Sculpture ON Shore Facebook page.

NZ Sculpture OnShore is an outdoor exhibition that happens every two years and is based in Auckland’s North Shore.

New Zealand artists from all different artistic backgrounds joined in to be a part of this event in 2012.

Money raised from this exhibition went towards Women’s Refuge.

Lake Rotorua artist Joe Kemp’s piece entitled Matau a Maui (the fish hook of Maui), took six weeks to make. The artwork represents the strength of women.

He said he was proud to support women and had chosen the fish hook as his main piece as legend states Maui made the fish hook used to bring up the North Island from his sorcerer grandmother’s jaw-bone. The theme of this year’s exhibition was the beach or the Year of the Menagerie, which the fish hook fitted well with, Mr Kemp said.

Read more here. See the gallery of artworks here.

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