Taranaki artists take a stand on fracking


Artist, Graham Kirk. Photo by Cameron Burnell

Organised by coastal artist Graham Kirk, Fracked (end of Sept 2012) exhibited the work of 22 Taranaki artists expressing their views on the controversial topic.

Some of the big name artists to feature in the exhibition are Dale Copeland, Roger Morris, Mikaere Gardiner, Paul Hutchinson and Alby Carter.

Mr Kirk said a lot of the artists instinctively felt fracking was wrong, and learning more about the process had cemented the view that it was not a move in the right direction.

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Little Lotus Project

Local artists including Askew, Misery, Flox and Meghan Geliza are exhibiting art in Wellington’s National Portrait Gallery 12-18 October for refugee Burmese children in poverty, to be auctioned online…

“A few months back, I was flown by the NZ charity Spinning Top to the border of Thailand and Burma, alongside 13 Kiwi and US artists, to help refugee children through art, called the Little Lotus Project, which included NZ volunteers Jon Drypnz, Cleo Barnett and organiser Pat Shepherd among others. We painted murals and taught art classes to these schools” says Meghan Geliza.

All proceeds on art sold will go to these Burmese refugee kids.

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