We’re not getting out of here alive OR The Land Show

We're not getting out of here alive flyer.

We’re not getting out of here alive flyer.

A group exhibition held at the Blue Oyster Art Gallery, Dunedin (Nov-Dec 2012) with two titles ‘We’re not getting out of here alive,’ or, ‘The Land Show.’

Again- these artists and their artworks confront us on the effects we have on this Earth.

Artists included: Max Bellamy, Kate Belton, Mark Bolland, Sophie Jerram, Mizuho Nishioka, Karim Sahai, Johnathon Titheridge, Sebastian Warne, Jane Zusters curated by Jamie Hanton.

The exhibition draws on Timothy Morton’s contention in Ecology without Nature that:

“Nobody likes it when you mention the unconscious…because when you mention it, it becomes conscious. In the same way, when you mention the environment, you bring it into the foreground. In other words, it stops being the environment. It stops being That Thing Over There that surrounds and sustains us. When you think about where your waste goes, your world starts to shrink.” (Ecology without Nature, Harvard University Press, 2006, p.1)

By highlighting the drastic and irreversible actions others have taken in their attempts to claim a proprietary or capitalistic dominion over the land we are left to contemplate what might be done in response.

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