Meliors Simms – Environmental art about Antarctica

Meliors Simms hand makes art with textiles on environmental issues.

One of the more recent exhibitions she has been a part of is called ‘Imagining Antarctica.’ Again, like many of the other posts on here so far… She is confronting issues about peoples effects on the earth, climate change, & the politics that surrounds these issues.

An online article said this:

A hand-stitched Big Berg is one of many interpretations of polar ice in Imagining Antarctica. Meliors Simms, a New Zealand artist, has used a range of textile techniques to explore the history of Antarctica, as well as its present environment and the threats to its future.

“New Zealand’s proximity to Antarctica and significant activities there mean that Antarctica is a common theme for New Zealand artists,” says Simms. With a background in Environmental Policy, Simms confesses that she turned to art as a result of “frustration with trying to effect change through policy channels.”

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